Aaltonen Lauri

1 Jan 2008–31 Dec 2012, 1 Jan 2013–31 Dec 2017 and 1 Jan 2019–31 Dec 2023
Cancer genetics
University of Helsinki

Lauri Aaltonen aims to bring genomic medicine into practice and improve cancer prevention, diagnostics and treatment by creating and analysing new key datasets from highly selected patient populations – such as those displaying familial aggregation of cancer or similar environmental exposure histories – identified using unique Finnish registries. A key goal is also to produce new expertise that will support the launch and development of Finland’s National Genome and Cancer Centre.

Aaltonen also served as Academy Professor in 2002–2017.  During these terms, he made many significant discoveries in identifying major human tumour genes, thus increasing understanding of neoplastic growth. Aaltonen heads the Centre of Excellence in Tumour Genetics Research. He is an internationally recognised expert in his field with an extensive scientific publication record, and he has actively contributed to researcher training. He has received two consecutive ERC Advanced Grants from the European Research Council.

Last modified 23 May 2018
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