Obituary: Academician of Science Jorma K. Miettinen was a Finnish radiochemistry pioneer

22 Feb 2017

Academician of Science Jorma K. Miettinen (b. 1921) passed away on 11 February 2017 in Helsinki. Miettinen served as professor in radiochemistry for more than 25 years, effectively launching education and research in radiochemistry in Finland. His extensive studies in the field drew much international attention.

Miettinen started measuring fallout radiation from atmospheric nuclear explosions in the 1950s. He quickly put together extensive research projects that would explore the role of food chains in radionuclide enrichment and their effects on residents in Arctic regions. His fallout studies often led him to conceive spin-off projects, focusing on topics such as radioactive fallout from natural sources or heavy metals and transuranium elements as environmental problems.

Miettinen was also widely known for his work in the Pugwash Movement, an international organisation founded by Nobel laureates that brings together scholars and scientists to seek solutions to global threats.

Miettinen received the honorary title of Academician of Science in 1995.

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Last modified 15 Mar 2017
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