Academy of Finland mulls overhaul of its research councils

19 Jan 2017

The Academy of Finland has now published the English-language version of an internal working group report that examines the work and structure of the Academy’s research councils. The report describes the current state of the research councils’ work as well as the roles of the various actors involved. The report forms part of the implementation of the Academy’s strategy.

Serving as a basis for discussion, the report presents and explores different options based on which the Board of the Academy, the Academy’s Administration Office and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture will be able to take concrete measures where necessary. The Board of the Academy is of the opinion that discussing the various options available is essential in further developing the work of the research councils. The overall objective is to strengthen the high international quality of Finnish research by identifying the kinds of measures that would best contribute to bringing the Academy’s research councils more in line with both current and future changes affecting the scientific landscape and the way research is conducted.

The report also takes into account possible needs for legislative amendments as well as the appointment process for new research council members.

During the drafting of the report, there were extensive discussions between the working group and various stakeholders. The report also analyses international benchmarks. In addition, the report spends some time discussing the roles of the Academy’s research councils and their members, how the roles have evolved over the years and how the work of the research councils should evolve further.

The English-language report is available on the Academy’s website:

Last modified 19 Jan 2017
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