Finland’s Ministry of Finance proposes: funding for early-career researchers

5 Sep 2016

Finland’s Ministry of Finance proposes an additional funding allocation next year of 30 million euros for early-career researchers. If approved, the funding would be allocated by the Academy of Finland as part of the Academy’s budget authority for next year. In full, budget authority to a total of 348 million euro is indicated for the Academy of Finland in the budget proposal. In addition to funding for early-career researchers, 50 million euros would focus on supporting universities in raising their profiles and 10 million euros would go into funding an ICT programme. According to the information available at present, the Academy would be able to allocate the additional funding for early-career researchers within the framework of the Academy’s existing funding schemes.

The separate budget authority of the Strategic Research Council remains unaltered in the budget proposal.

Last modified 5 Sep 2016
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