Playing the nanodrum

16 Jun 2016

Like drums in regular drumsets, graphene membranes at the nanoscale possess a distinct set of oscillating modes that correspond to specific oscillation frequencies. The modes can be excited by applying an external voltage.

The results were obtained in a study funded by the Academy of Finland and published in Nature Nanotechnology. In the study, researchers from Cornell University and the University of Jyväskylä show that by applying an appropriate external force, a circular graphene membrane can be ‘played’ like a drumset.

This discovery paves the way for the application of graphene mechanical resonators in telecommunication applications, for instance, as frequency mixers. Moreover, when cooled down to temperatures near the absolute zero, these resonators can play an important role in the detection of the faintest quantum signals and in the definition of new telecommunication technologies, in which the counterintuitive properties emerging at the quantum scale can lead to intrinsically secure exchange of information.

Last modified 16 Jun 2016
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