Europe fights climate change with common objectives

16 Jun 2016

Common objectives in interdisciplinary agriculture, food security and climate change research, along with national funding, are at the core of the Joint Programming Initiative FACCE. The Academy of Finland cooperates with Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in setting the JPI's objectives.

FACCE-JPI is a consortium of research funders, aligning European national research funding towards the achievement of commonly set goals. FACCE-JPI guides research so that it supports sustainable agricultural production and economic growth, as well as promotes the European bioeconomy in a changing climate.

"European agrobusiness needs an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to bioeconomy. Finland can bring in an example of the fact that forest is a bioeconomy production platform as well as fields, and that research is able to take advantage of this holistic approach," says Luke's Research Director General Johanna Buchert.

Last modified 16 Jun 2016
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