Academy Professor Markku Kulmala receives Fedor P. Litke Gold Medal from the Russian Geographical Society

20 Aug 2015

The Fedor P. Litke Gold Medal of the Russian Geographical Society has been awarded to Academy Professor Markku Kulmala (University of Helsinki) for his work in atmospheric sciences, meteorology and climatology on the formation of atmospheric aerosol, nucleation and clouds, atmosphere-Earth interaction, climate change, air pollution, Arctic boreal environment, and global challenges.

The award was personally presented to Professor Kulmala by Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu, the President of the Society, in a solemn banquet in honor of the 170th Anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society in Moscow on Wednesday 19 August 2015.

Professor Kulmala’s central research areas include the effects of atmospheric aerosols on the climate and human health, the microphysics of clouds and the connections between the biosphere, aerosols, clouds and the climate. He is an expert in the climatic questions of the Artic and the Boreal. His work is fundamental research.

At the moment his large international research group is planning to expand its networks of measuring stations as part of the international PEEX (Pan Eurasian Experiment) programme.

For continuous measurements he has built four measuring stations in Finland, one in Estonia and one in Nanjing, China.

Since May 2011, Professor Kulmala is the most cited geoscientist in the world. His dream is not only to explain thoroughly the atmospheric small particles but also to build a global network of measuring stations for studying atmospheric interactions globally. 

Source: University of Helsinki

Last modified 21 Aug 2015
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