New board appointed for the Academy of Finland

The Government has appointed a new board for the Academy of Finland. The new Board’s term of office will last until the end of 2018.

The Board will be chaired by Professor Heikki Ruskoaho (University of Helsinki), with Research Director Leena Suurpää (Finnish Youth Research Society) acting as vice chair. The Board members are Professor Pertti Alasuutari (University of Tampere), Chief Technology Officer Heidi Fagerholm (Kemira), Professor Riitta Keiski (University of Oulu), Professor Arto Mustajoki (University of Helsinki) and Academician of Science, Aalto Distinguished Professor Risto Nieminen (Aalto University).

The Board of the Academy of Finland is responsible for making decisions on the Academy’s objectives and for drafting the Academy’s budget. The Board also has the task of harmonising and aligning the work carried out by the Academy’s organisational bodies, such as the four research councils, the Strategic Research Council and the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee. Overall, the Board works to promote research in the fields represented by the Academy’s research councils. The new Board was appointed with due consideration given to the nominations received from various stakeholders for members to the new Strategic Research Council.

Following an amendment to the Act on the Academy of Finland made in 2014, the role of the President of the Academy in the Board changed. Whereas before, the President was a member of the Board, now he or she will be its presenting official. At the same time, the chairs of the Academy’s research councils will no longer be members of the Board, but will have a right to attend and the right to speak at Board meetings.

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