Professor Alfred W. Crosby receives Award for Scholarly Distinction from AHA

(7th Jan 2013)

Professor Alfred W. Crosby, foreign Academician of Science of the Academy of Finland, has received the esteemed Award for Scholarly Distinction awarded by the American Historical Association (AHA) for his  lifetime achievements.

North-American Studies is the oldest multidisciplinary programme at the University of Helsinki. Similar programmes exist at four other Finnish universities as well, but only Helsinki offers a fully-fledged degree programme. In 1976, the University set up a Fulbright Bicentennial Chair, which is a position established in honour of the bicentennial celebrations of American independence. This professorship has brought a host of distinguished American humanities and social sciences scholars to Finland for one year at a time. Professor Crosby has held the Bicentennial Chair at the University of Helsinki twice. The current Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in American Studies is Professor Richard Schein, from the University of Kentucky.

Finns have organised international conferences and meetings on environmental history in Finland. Professor Crosby has participated in many of them.

Professor Crosby’s achievements have indeed been recognised in Finland: in 1995, he was awarded the title of Academician, which is the highest academic honour in Finland, awarded to highly distinguished Finnish or foreign scientists and scholars. At present, there are altogether 16 foreign Academicians.

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