October call 2010: Academy projects attracted the most applications

(05 Oct 2010)

The Academy of Finland received a total of 2,633 applications within its October 2010 application round. This was the first call where the Academy’s new funding scheme was applied. The Academy’s key funding instruments have now been concentrated in the autumn round. In the spring round, applications will be invited for e.g. research programmes.

Most applications (973) were submitted to the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering, followed by the Research Council for Culture and Society (646). The Research Council for Biosciences and Environment received 508 applications and the Research Council for Health 403 applications.

A total of 1,025 applications were submitted for Academy projects.

The Academy received 148 applications for research posts as Academy Professor, 408 applications for research posts as Academy Research Fellow, and 697 applications for Postdoctoral Researcher’s project funding. The first stage of the call within the Research Programme on the Future of Living and Housing attracted 60 letters of intent. In October 2010, applications were also invited for funding for research infrastructures in the FIRI 2010 call, which received 80 applications. The second stage of the Centre of Excellence (2012–2017) call was also carried out in connection with the October 2010 call, for which 32 applicants had been selected.

The timetables for decisions (October 2010 call) will be posted on the Academy of Finland’s website during November.

Questions about the call will be answered by the contact persons named in the call for applications.

Further information:

  • > For researchers > How to apply > Calls for applications > October 2010 call for applications
  • eng > For researchers > Funding decisions > Decision timetables

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