SRC selects 32 consortia to second call stage

14 Mar 2017

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland has decided to invite 32 consortia to the second stage of the SRC programme call. This puts the success rate at 34 per cent. The first call stage was open between 1 December 2016 and 11 January 2017. The SRC’s programme calls are implemented in two stages. The selections are made based on the proposed projects’ societal relevance, impact and scientific quality.

The call included three new programmes that attracted a total of 93 letters of intent. These included researchers from 71 organisations and 55 research fields. The Changing Society and Active Citizenship programme attracted 30 letters of intent, of which the SRC selected eleven to the second stage. The Adaptation and Resilience for Sustainable Growth programme attracted 38 letters of intent, of which 13 proceed to the second stage. The Keys to Sustainable Growth programme attracted 25 letters of intent, of which eight go through to the second stage.

Programme-specific review panels assessed the letters of intent for their compatibility with the programme, their scientific quality and their societal impact. The panels consisted of both foreign and Finnish experts with extensive experience not only in science and research but also in research utilisation. The panels drafted one review report for each letter of intent.

SRC Chair Per Mickwitz said: “The SRC thoroughly examined each applicant’s letter of intent and review report, paying special attention to the applicant’s answers to the programme questions.” All applicants have received a written justification for the decision on their application.

The consortia selected to the second call stage are multidisciplinary consortia whose letters of intent showed that the research matches the chosen programme and offers significant research-based solutions. The consortia also displayed a high scientific quality and presented convincingly drafted implementation plans. Their interaction plans clearly showed how the consortia intend to interact with stakeholders during the course of the research.

The full applications will be reviewed in two different panels. One panel will focus on scientific quality, the other on societal impact. “In order to receive funding, the full application must provide even more concrete answers to the programme questions, a more precise description of how the project advances science, and a more detailed interaction plan,” Mickwitz said.

The SRC will make the final decisions on the projects to be included in the funding programmes in autumn 2017.

More information

  • list of consortia selected to the second call stage.pdf
  • Research Director Per Mickwitz, Chair of the SRC, tel.+358 295 251 426, firstname.lastname(at)
  • Director Jussi Vauhkonen, Strategic Research Unit, Academy of Finland, tel. +358 295 335 114, firstname.lastname(at)

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Last modified 14 Mar 2017
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