Flagship programme, review criteria green-lighted by Academy of Finland

28 Aug 2017

The Board of the Academy of Finland has approved the ‘flagship programme’ for addition to the Academy of Finland’s palette of funding instruments. At its meeting on 24 August, the Board also confirmed the criteria to be used in reviewing applications for flagship funding.

The aim of the flagship programme is to pool together expertise from different fields in Finland to form high-level research and impact clusters that will further contribute to increasing the quality and impact of Finnish research. A flagship is an effective mix of cutting-edge research, impact in support of economic growth or society, close connections to the business sector and society at large, adaptability, and a strong commitment from host organisations.

The applications for funding under the flagship programme will be reviewed based on scientific quality, impact in support of economic growth or society, the commitment of host organisations and participation of other stakeholders. The review criteria are available in the Criteria for Funding Decisions document and on the Academy of Finland’s website. The criteria will be used as a basis when preparing the review forms for the funding instrument.

The funding to be awarded under the flagship programme can be applied for by universities and government research institutes. With a view to achieving the goals of the new funding programme, the flagships may include other public bodies, companies or third-sector organisations. Applicant organisations must be prepared to make a significant, steadily increasing investment in establishing and supporting the flagships. The organisations’ commitment to the flagships and to developing the quality and impact of the flagship programme will be reviewed separately.

The first call of the flagship programme will open on 19 October. The deadline for applications is 9 November. The call text will be published in mid-September.

The Academy will organise a seminar about the flagship programme and the funding to strengthen university research profiles on Monday 28 August. A live webcast from the event is available at


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Last modified 28 Aug 2017
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