Call text for Academy of Finland’s September 2017 call has been published

7 Jul 2017

The Academy of Finland today published the English-language call text for the September 2017 call on the Academy’s website. The Finnish version was published earlier this week and the Swedish translation is due next week. Applications can be submitted in the online services as of Friday 1 September. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 27 September at 16.15 local Finnish time. Some of the funding opportunities have different deadlines.

Funding can be applied for to hire a research team, either under an open theme (e.g. Academy Project funding) or under a specific, pre-determined theme (e.g. Academy Programmes and other targeted opportunities) Funding is also available for researcher salaries under an open theme (e.g. funding for research post as Academy Research Fellow or Postdoctoral Researcher) and for research environments (e.g. SRC matching funds for Horizon 2020).

We encourage versatile international researcher mobility

Our funding can be used within the limits of the funding period for research spells abroad and for returning to Finland. In assessing the scientific merits of a funding application, our reviewers consider the international and national collaborative contacts and research mobility presented in the application.

International mobility and experience of different research environments are of particular importance to early-career researchers in improving the quality of their research and supporting their career development. That is why we require that applicants for Postdoctoral Researcher and Academy Research Fellow funding change research environments after being granted funding or that they have previous research experience of working in other research environments. Applicants must justify in their applications how their previous or forthcoming mobility has promoted or will promote their qualifications as researchers.

We have refined our open access policy

The Academy requires that Academy-funded research is conducted following the principles of good scientific practice. The principles of good scientific practice include promoting open science, promoting equality and nondiscrimination, treating research-ethical issues appropriately, and considering principles related to IPRs. The principles of sustainable development should also be considered.

Our updated open access policy requires that all Academy-funded peer-reviewed scientific articles be published via open access publication channels Researchers can publish articles following either green or gold open access. Green open access means that researchers deposit parallel copies of their articles in open access repositories run by their own organisation or some other reliable operator. In gold open access, articles are published in open access scientific journals. Our funding can be used to cover research costs related to scientific publishing using the golden route. Funding is also available for so-called hybrid open access publishing. However, we want to emphasise the temporary nature of the hybrid open access solution – it is only part of the transition towards full open access publishing. Data produced with Academy funding must be made freely available as soon as possible after the research results have been published, via key national or international repositories in the researcher’s own field. Sites of research must therefore provide researchers with the necessary guidance and ensure that they have access to suitable storage infrastructure.

We continuously work to improve our review processes. For the forthcoming review round, for instance, we will examine the possibility of refining the role of international review panels. According to the current proposal, future panels would both rate and rank the applications assigned to them. The research councils’ power of decision would not change.

Funding open for application in September 2017:

Funding for research teams

A. Open themes

  • Academy Project funding, all research fields; deadline 27 Sep 2017

B. Specific themes

  • Academy Programme for Development Research; deadline 16 Oct 2017
  • Novel applications of artificial intelligence in physical sciences and engineering research (AIPSE); deadline 27 Sep 2017
  • ARKTIKO Academy Programme: joint call in Arctic research with RFBR, Russia; deadline 11 Sep 2017

Funding for individual researchers; deadline 27 Sep 2017

  • Funding for research post as Academy Research Fellow
  • Funding for research post as Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Funding for research post as clinical researcher
  • Funding for international researcher mobility based on bilateral agreements

Funding for research environments

SRC matching funds for Horizon 2020; open-ended deadline

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