Academy of Finland rolls out new policy for its international activities

7 Mar 2017

The Board of the Academy of Finland has adopted a new international policy for the Academy. Published today, the policy defines the internationality of research as an important tool for supporting and reinforcing the quality, impact and renewal of research. According to the policy, the Academy promotes the internationality of research primarily through its own funding schemes and by engaging in multinational cooperation in particular within European and Nordic networks.

The international policy has been prepared taking into account discussions with key stakeholders, the results of an extensive stakeholder survey, a background memorandum on the Academy’s current international activities and an internal preparatory process.

The policy presents starting points that the Academy will use as a basis to promote the internationality of research and research environments with a view to reinforcing the quality, impact and renewal of research. The aim is to support the internationality of both Academy-funded research and research environments and the Finnish research and innovation system at large.

The Academy’s key funding schemes facilitate a wide range of international collaboration and mobility. From the Academy’s standpoint, it is essential that researchers and research organisations are free to choose for themselves the best ways to promote internationality in different scenarios.

Based on the stakeholder survey conducted to support the drafting of the international policy, the Academy’s role as a funding agency is seen as the most important role for promoting internationality. Other important roles for the Academy, according to the survey, are to engage in international funding cooperation and support researchers in the competition for international funding. The international policy therefore also highlights the importance of participating in multinational funding cooperation in European and Nordic networks such as NordForsk, ERA-NETs and research infrastructures. By engaging in multinational networks, the Academy also collaborates with non-EU countries.

As for individual researchers, the Academy is keen to encourage them to be internationally mobile. International mobility is of particular importance to early-career researchers in improving the quality of their research and supporting their career development.

The implementation of the international policy will be supported by an action programme to be completed in 2017.

The international policy is available in PDF format:

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