Academy of Finland grants €183m to research within September 2016 call

8 Aug 2017

In its September 2016 call for applications, the Academy of Finland granted a total of 183 million euros in funding for Postdoctoral Researcher and Academy Research Fellow posts and for Academy Projects. The total number of applications was 3,124, and 485 individual researchers or research teams received a favourable decision. Consortia subprojects are included in the figures as separate applications.

The funding was allocated as follows: 119 million euros in total in Academy Project funding, 32 million euros for Postdoctoral Researcher posts, more than 29 million euros for Academy Research Fellow posts and just under 3 million euros for clinical researcher posts.

For the current year, one-time additional funding was granted to the Academy of Finland from the State budget. This meant that funding could be allocated to a larger number of research projects involving younger researchers. The additional 30 million euros was used to fund Academy Projects and Postdoctoral Researcher posts.

In sum, additional funding for Postdoctoral Researcher posts and Academy Projects enabled the allocation of more than 330 FTEs’ worth of more funding to research and researchers’ wages compared to the previous year. For example, funding for Postdoctoral Researcher posts could be granted to a total of 123 researchers, which is 19 per cent more than in 2016, when 103 such posts were funded.

In response to the September 2016 call, the highest number of applications (756) was submitted by the University of Helsinki, which is also where the largest proportion of funding went (135 favourable funding decisions). By number of applications, next in order were the University of Turku (346), Aalto University (299), the University of Jyväskylä (259), the University of Oulu (244) and the University of Tampere (219).

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