Academy of Finland adds more flexibility to salaries of Academy Research Fellows

23 Jan 2017

The Academy of Finland has decided to allow for greater flexibility in the terms and conditions governing the salary of Academy Research Fellows. In future, part of the Academy Research Fellow salary can come from other sources than the Academy. In such cases, the funding originally earmarked for the salary may be used for research that would not be possible without it. Academy Research Fellows must themselves apply to have their salary co-financed in this way.

The non-Academy-funded salary part must be allocated to research tasks, or the researcher must be part of their own university’s career system aiming at a permanent research post. Inclusion in the university’s career system entails that the university will commit to offering the researcher a permanent position after the researcher has reached a certain career stage.

Funding sources other than the Academy may account for no more than 30 per cent of the Academy Research Fellow’s annual salary. Research funding by the Academy cannot be used to co-finance the salary. The new practice is also applicable to current holders of an Academy Research Fellow post.

The Academy’s starting point is that the post as Academy Research Fellow is a full-time research position where researchers get a chance to further develop their skills of academic leadership. The duties will continue to include teaching in the researcher’s own field of research.

Co-funding of salary is possible in two cases:

1.       The non-Academy part of the salary has been allocated to research tasks.

An Academy Research Fellow may want to receive part of their salary from other funding sources than the Academy of Finland. In this case, it is required that the salary part be allocated to research tasks that support the Academy Research Fellow’s career and that can be carried out without jeopardising the Academy-funded research.

On the other hand, the aim of the increased flexibility in salary funding is to help Academy Research Fellows improve their qualifications in situations where combining the Academy Research Fellow post with another research assignment will further their research careers. The source of the non-Academy-funded salary part can be, for example, another funding agency or a research position within the researcher’s own organisation at the same research career stage as that of Academy Research Fellows.

2.       The Academy Research Fellow holds a position that belongs to the university’s career system.

In order to qualify for a university career system (e.g. tenure track) aiming at a permanent research post, researchers will often need to acquire qualifications in duties other than research. In future, Academy Research Fellows who hold a position that belongs to a career system can receive part of their salary from their university. In this case, they will spend the corresponding part of their working time on duties essential to advancing in the system, such as teaching.

If Academy Research Fellows intend to take advantage of the co-funding opportunity, they must submit an application to change their funding decision via the Academy of Finland’s online services. The application must include a free-form justification letter and a document stating the non-Academy-funded salary amount.

Guidelines for applying to have the salary co-funded

More information

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Last modified 23 Jan 2017
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