The Academy of Finland’s September 2016 call for applications out now

6 Jul 2016

The Academy of Finland has published the September 2016 call for applications on the Academy’s website. The English translation is published in July and the Swedish translation in August. Applications can be submitted in the online services 1–28 September 2016. The deadline for the WiFiUS call is 17 October 2016.

The Academy’s non-earmarked funding budget has been reduced by more than 40 million euros over the past five years. At the same time, however, the number of applications has increased, causing the success rates in key funding instruments to drop significantly over the past few years.

The results of research funded by the Academy of Finland must be made public upon project completion. We require that Academy-funded projects commit to open access publishing. As of the September call, the Academy also requires that research data and methods are made available for further use. Data may for justified reasons, however, come in varying degrees of openness, ranging from fully open to strictly confidential. As of the September call, a data management plan is required as a separate appendix to the application.

Mobility since PhD completion is required

In accordance with the advance information given in spring 2016, effective as of the September call, applicants for funding for research posts as Postdoctoral Researcher and Academy Research Fellow will be required to apply for funding for a post in a research environment other than the one in which they worked while completing their doctoral thesis. Applicants may also apply for a post located in the same research environment, provided that they have at least six months of work experience from some other organisation.

Researchers need a wide range of experience from working in different research environments to be able to increase their independence. By working in different kinds of research groups or in other research-related positions, researchers can further strengthen their personal networks and improve their chances of securing research positions or other expert tasks. Wide-ranging expertise can help increase the impact of research and promote science renewal, which are among the Academy’s most important strategic objectives in addition to improving scientific quality.

Academy Professor funding transferred to April call

The Academy is reviewing its funding instrument for Academy Professors. The process involves extensive discussion with interest groups, scheduled for autumn 2016. The next call for funding for research positions as Academy Professor has been planned for April 2017.

Funding open for application in September 2016:

Research projects        

  • academy project funding, all research fields                         
  • WiFiUS call in connection with the ICT-2023 programme

Funding for research positions

  • Funding for research post as Academy Research Fellow
  • Funding for research post as Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Funding for clinical researchers
  • Funding for international researcher mobility based on bilateral agreements


  • SRC matching funds for Horizon 2020

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