New themes proposed by the Strategic Research Council focus on democracy, reform and adaptation

1 Jul 2016

In its meeting of 13 June 2016, the Strategic Research Council (SRC) decided on the research themes to be proposed to the Government for 2017 and 2018. The new themes highlight democracy and citizenship, and the perspectives of reform and adaptation as key factors in strategic research and Finland's success. Together with the previous years' themes, they lay a comprehensive foundation for the information needs of today's and tomorrow's decision-making. The SRC submitted the proposals to Anu Vehviläinen, the Minister of Local Government and Public Reforms, on 14 June 2016.

The Government will discuss the proposals by the Strategic Research Council and decide on the related themes. Following this, the SRC will plan research programmes based on the themes and invites funding applications towards the end of the year.

The strategic research themes have been prepared openly in cooperation with the research community and information users. A key issue in these preparations has been the identification of themes whose exploration would support societal research and development. Such themes must to be horizontal, cut across several administrative sectors, be sufficiently different from one another and be key issues in view of Finland's future. Multidisciplinary research is needed in these theme areas in order to obtain new knowledge.

The new research themes proposed by the SRC include:

  • Transforming citizenship – democracy in global turmoil (theme for 2017)
  • Reform or fade away – resources and solutions (theme for 2018)

In addition, the SRC has identified two focal points that bisect the theme area:

  • Information in decision-making and execution
  • Demographic changes


Further information

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