Academy of Finland’s September call now open – additional 30 million euros of funding for early-career researchers

5 Sep 2016

The Academy of Finland’s September call has opened. Applications can be submitted for e.g. Academy Projects, funding for research posts as Postdoctoral Researcher or Academy Research Fellow, or funding for clinical researchers. The call closes on 28 September 2016 at 16.25.

Finland’s Ministry of Finance proposes an additional funding allocation in the State budget for next year, of 30 million euros for early-career researchers. If the additional funding allocation is approved, the Academy will channel this one-off allocation of additional funding into Academy Project and Postdoctoral Researcher funding for early-career researchers in the September 2016 call. Funding will be granted according to the conditions set out in the September 2016 call text.

In the call for Academy Projects, the additional funding will be allocated to projects led by early-career applicants who have the qualifications of a professor or docent and have made rapid progress in their careers. Applicants fitting this description are asked to briefly outline in their research plan what qualifies them for this target group. In funding for early-career researchers with rapid career progress, career breaks are also taken into account.  

In the call for Postdoctoral Researcher, the additional funding means that a higher number of Postdoctoral Researchers will receive funding. However, there are no changes to the actual application procedure.

Adjustments to the application guidelines

A number of adjustments have been made to the application guidelines since the call text was published. See the summary September call 2016: what’s new? for more information. New information includes all-new research plan guidelines, and a separate, new website with all the instructions on the new mobility requirement concerning applications for Postdoctoral Researcher or Academy Research Fellow. More specific information is now also available on the way research material should be presented.

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