101 projects receive ‘key project funding’, propose many ways of tapping into research results

30 Sep 2016

The Academy of Finland has today decided to grant funding to 101 research projects under the key project funding scheme “Forging ahead with Research”. The funds for this scheme were allocated to the Academy of Finland through the Government Programme with a view to strengthening the quality and impact of research and promoting active collaboration with end-users and beneficiaries of research results. The funding, 30 million euros in total, is especially geared towards early-career researchers whose projects have been highly rated in previous peer reviews.

Projects that included novel, exciting and innovative ideas for research utilisation were the most successful in the call, which was open in connection with the Academy of Finland’s April 2016 call. Most of the funding was granted to projects representing the following fields: clinical medicine, environmental sciences, pharmacy, meteorology and atmospheric sciences, and software engineering.

The funded projects propose a variety of ways of making the best possible use of research results. For example, funding was granted to a project on fisheries management that aims to produce a modelling tool for ecosystem-based fish-stock evaluation and to promote sustainable fishing. Funding was also granted to a project studying the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises when retiring and transferring their business. The aim of the project is to increase retirement awareness, optimise entrepreneur retirement and, ultimately, secure employment in the companies of ageing entrepreneurs. Another funded project is aimed at developing a web-based research service for mathematics learning apps and game-based assessment.

In the field of health research, the Academy granted funding to, for example, a project improving drug affinity and effectivity, a project developing more personalised and analytical healthcare and health measurement methodology, and a project producing a model for effective prevention of dementia. Several of the projects funded in the field of health research aim to improve cancer diagnostics and develop more personalised forms of cancer treatment.

 “We’re very pleased with the high level of the applications. It’s good to see that the applicants were interested in so many different areas of research utilisation. Though the call was open-themed, the researchers were very interested in the same areas that are included as priorities in the Government Programme. But there were, of course, many innovative projects in other interesting areas as well. For instance, funding was granted to research into the utilisation potential of a new concept for ultrasensitive measurements of electromagnetic radiation and to a project exploring the use of a novel photodiode concept in medical imaging and security applications,” says Riitta Maijala, Vice President for Research at the Academy of Finland.

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