€10.6m in Academy funding for Postdoctoral Researcher posts in natural sciences and engineering

10 May 2016

The Academy of Finland has decided to grant 10.6 million euros in funding for research posts as Postdoctoral Researcher in the natural sciences and engineering field. The funding, granted by the Academy’s Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering, goes towards 42 three-year posts as Postdoctoral Researcher. The funding was open for application in the Academy’s September 2015 call. The Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering received a total of 397 applications for funding for Postdoctoral Researcher posts. The success rate was around 11 per cent. Foreign researchers account for one-third and women for 14 per cent of the funding recipients.

On a quest for breakthroughs

In the September 2015 call, the Research Council especially invited applications in the fields of energy engineering, mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology, medical engineering, process technology, construction and municipal engineering, and environmental engineering. Research in these fields is of great significance to the Finnish economy. In previous application rounds, however, the Academy of Finland has received very few applications from researchers in these fields. The Research Council’s aim is to mobilise the scientific community and strengthen the knowledge base in the fields. The Research Council funded eleven posts as Postdoctoral Researcher in the above mentioned fields. With the funding provided, the new Postdoctoral Researchers are expected to achieve scientific breakthroughs.

Examples of funded Postdoctoral Researchers:

Dr Maren Preis from Åbo Akademi University studies nanocellulose as a novel drug carrier in 3D-printed drug delivery systems. Printing technologies that create three-dimensional constructs have emerged as a technique that has potential to substantially and significantly change the manufacturing of drug delivery systems. Therefore, there is a tremendous need to better understand the underlying processes and the impact of such technologies on active pharmaceutical ingredients. Preis aims to explore the effects of 3D-printing techniques on the physical and chemical stability of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

DSc (Tech) Haichao Wang from Aalto University investigates a smart hybrid renewable energy system for communities. The system is set to encompass the heating, cooling and electricity markets. The objective of the research is to find more sustainable energy solutions at community level based on increasing renewable energy production and more intelligent energy distribution networks. The research will develop efficient modelling and optimisation methods with emphasis on the design and operation of such hybrid systems.

DSc (Tech) Jari Heinonen from Lappeenranta University of Technology develops methods to recover valuable chemicals from pulping process side streams. Spent pulping liquors (i.e. black liquor) contain hydroxy acids, which are valuable platform chemicals. Currently, however, these chemicals are not utilised due to challenges related to their recovery. Heinonen’s research project will determine the phenomena affecting the separation tasks in question and derive detailed models to describe these. The aim is also to develop resource-efficient separation processes using these models as well as advanced process design methods.

PhD Eemil Lagerspetz from the University of Helsinki develops a cloud computing platform capable of leveraging the ubiquitous computing resources contained in our smartphones, network hardware, data aggregation gateways and other Internet of Things devices. Current smartphones and IoT devices are largely based on more energy-efficient hardware than their server cousins. Based on the project's preliminary results, a cluster of ten Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones, for example, is roughly equal to a powerful server machine in terms of computing power, at 66 per cent of the energy cost.

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