The strategic research themes for 2016 have been decided

20 Oct 2015

At its plenary session on 15 October 2015, the Finnish Government reached a decision on the themes for strategic research in 2016, based on the initiative of the Strategic Research Council (SRC).

There are four themes for 2016: knowledge, know-how and changes in working life; health and the changing of lifestyles; overall security in a global environment; and the dynamics of urbanisation. The Government also decided that a common priority area for 2016 would be to take into consideration the effects of immigration on Finnish society.

Government press release on the topic

“The rapid global changes are clearly demonstrated by the fact that immigration and its societal impacts were not particularly emphasised in the preparations for SRC’s initiative for the 2016 themes last spring. Now, a few months later, the situation is quite different,” says Per Mickwitz, Chair of the Strategic Research Council.

“The Government decision highlights issues that have become acute and that can’t be resolved overnight; long-term and multidisciplinary research will be required to support decision-making in the coming years as well. The SRC believes that this Government policy is extremely important, and we’ll take it into careful consideration in the preparation of the programmes,” continues Mickwitz.

Research activities are already underway in the research programmes formed under the themes for 2015. These include the utilisation of disruptive technology and changing institutions; a climate-neutral and resource-scarce society; and equality and its promotion. The programmes for 2015 and 2016 bring researchers from different fields together in a new way in order to collaborate within broad, multidisciplinary research entities.

The SRC programmes seek to develop solutions to intricate societal challenges through long-term research, and to support evidence-based policy and decision-making. In order to achieve these objectives, the SRC expects the funded projects to actively engage the producers and users of knowledge in interaction throughout the research lifecycle.

The SRC is prepared to establish one programme under each theme within a tight schedule, and is also considering the possibility of a supplemental call for one of the 2015 programmes.

In the round of calls soon to open, the SRC will take into consideration the feedback received from researchers concerning the first round, and will open the calls in two phases. It plans to open the call for letters of intent at the beginning of November. The call and application guidelines will be published at the start of the call on the Academy of Finland website.

Call info session in November

Update your calendar now with the call info session to be held in Helsinki on 10 November 2015 at 12.00–15.00 in the auditorium of the Nation Museum of Finland. The session will be videotaped and can be followed live on the Academy’s website. There will also be a message board at the event, so you can ask questions even if you cannot attend in person. The agenda and registration link for the session will be posted later.

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