Research Council for Health grants funding to six clinical researchers

11 May 2015

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Health has decided to provide funding to six clinical researchers. The funding was open for application in the Academy’s September 2014 call. The success rate for applications for funding for clinical researchers was 21 per cent.

This was the tenth year the Research Council for Health invited applications for funding for clinical researchers. With the funding opportunity, the Research Council supports researchers in clinical practice by providing them targeted funding for their part-time research and research costs. The aim of the funding is to encourage medical doctors working in clinical practice to engage in research so that they can continue to pursue their research career while in specialist training and, upon completion of that training, alongside with clinical practice.

The Research Council is slightly worried about the decline in the number of applications. Today, clinical researchers face increasing difficulties in combining research and clinical work. Clinical researchers nonetheless play an integral role in the consolidation of clinical patient care and basic research.

Examples of funding recipients:

Jukka Kero, MD, (University of Turku) studies thyroid diseases and particularly congenital hypothyroidism (CH), the lack of thyroid hormones at birth, which is one of the most common preventable causes of mental retardation. The aim of Kero’s study is to provide new information with respect to the aetiology and mechanism of CH. Thyroid diseases affect more than 10 per cent of people during their lifetime.

Maija Castrén, MD, (University of Helsinki) conducts research into early defects of neural progenitors in patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Fragile X syndrome (FXS), for instance, is a well-characterised form of ASD and the most common cause of inherited mental retardation. Castrén’s research project will study abnormalities in neural progenitor differentiation in ASD and neurodevelopmental disorders by investigating monogenic disorders such as FXS. The study aims at improved diagnostics and discovery of novel treatment options for ASD.

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