Research Council for Biosciences and Environment grants funding to Academy Projects and Postdoctoral Researchers

11 May 2015

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Biosciences and Environment has decided to grant Academy Project funding to 36 research projects. In the Academy’s September 2014 call, the Research Council received a total of 227 applications for Academy Project funding.  The success rate was nearly 16 per cent and the total funding amounts to some 19 million euros.

Examples of projects funded:

The increase of antibiotic resistance among clinically important bacterial pathogens is alarming and every research effort towards developing new antibacterials is welcome. Mikael Skurnik (University of Helsinki, Haartman Institute) and his team study bacteriophages, viruses of bacteria. They will use affinity purification of host protein complexes from phage-infected bacteria and identify co-purified phage proteins using mass spectrometry. Phage proteins will be studied in detail to elucidate their anti-host strategies. The results very likely form a rich source of leads for the development of novel antibacterial compounds.

Vegetation cover and land-use changes alter the Earth’s surface albedo, or the extent to which incoming solar radiation is reflected back into the atmosphere and into outer space. Even though land surface albedo is a critical variable affecting our climate, it is still among the main uncertainties of the radiation budget in current climate modelling. Miina Rautianen’s (Aalto University) project will explore how natural and anthropogenic changes in Eurasian and North American forests influence the seasonal courses of spectral and broadband albedos. The project will connect long time series of satellite-based albedo to phonological cycles and productivity of boreal vegetation.

Funding granted to 16 research posts as Postdoctoral Researcher

The Research Council for Biosciences and Environment also granted funding to 16 research posts as Postdoctoral Researchers. The Research Council reviewed 164 applications submitted in the Academy of Finland’s September 2014 call. The success rate was 10 per cent and the total funding amounts to some 4.5 million euros.

Funding for a research post as Postdoctoral Researcher was granted to Nick Bos (University of Helsinki), Jaquelin DeFaveri (University of Helsinki), Guido Durian (University of Turku), Laura Härkönen (University of Oulu), Ylva Isaksson (Åbo Akademi University), Veera Kainulainen (University of Helsinki), Lauri Korhonen (University of Eastern Finland), Anniina Mattila (University of Helsinki), Katharina Palmer (University of Oulu), Sabaheta Ramcilovik-Suominen (University of Eastern Finland), Antti Rissanen (Tampere University of Technology), Kalle Rytkönen (University of Turku), Henri Siljanen (University of Eastern Finland), Vid Sustar (University of Turku), Heikki Takala (University of Helsinki) and Raine Toivonen (University of Turku).

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Academy Project funding

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Research posts as Postdoctoral Researcher

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