First strategic research projects ready to start

20 Oct 2015

At its meeting on 12 October 2015, the Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland granted a total of 52.5 million euros in funding to the 16 research consortia selected for the SRC’s first strategic research programmes. The projects now ready for launch bring together different players in a new way to study the key questions for societal decision-making through three themes: disruptive technologies and changing institutions; equality in society; and a climate-neutral and resource-scarce Finland.

In addition to producing high-quality scientific research, the projects will involve close interaction with policy-makers so as to ensure that the research results are smoothly passed on to ministries and other users of research data. In this way, strategic research funding can contribute to policy-making based on up-to-date research in Finland.

In the projects funded by the SRC, multidisciplinary teams will seek new opportunities for combining robotics and welfare, the digital disruption of industry, and new sources of protein in food production, for example. The research projects will also provide new knowledge for decision-making on different forms of inequality and how to combat it, the prevention of social exclusion, day care and preschool services, future working life, as well as art as a basic public service to promote wellbeing. Research aiming at the promotion of sustainable development will be conducted from the perspectives of the Gulf of Bothnia as well as the forest bioeconomy, and energy production research will focus on issues related to smarter, distributed and climate-neutral electricity systems.

Through high-quality scientific research and active interaction, the projects aim to promote equality and sustainable development, to improve public sector services and productivity, and to support Finland’s competitiveness by creating new jobs, business opportunities and digital market places.

116 research teams involved

The first strategic research funding call attracted a total of 130 applications, applying for a total sum of more than 410 million euros. The applications involved 798 research teams. The 16 consortia selected for the programmes (12% of the applications) were granted a total sum of 52.5 million euros for the period from 1 May 2015 to 31 December 2017. The funded consortia are composed of a total of 116 research teams, with 49 organisations involved. In addition to Finnish universities and research institutes, the projects include universities and research institutes from abroad, as well as other actors such as polytechnics and companies.

The SRC will begin the preparations for the next strategic research programmes after the Finnish Government has decided on the themes for 2016 on the basis of SRC’s proposal.

More information

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  • Science Adviser Jyrki Hakapää, Academy of Finland, tel. +358 295 335 020, firstname.lastname(at)

Information on the funded consortia (sorted by programme):

Further information on the programmes and consortia (in Finnish)

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