Research into culture and society receives €21m in funding from the Academy of Finland

(6 Jun 2013)

The Academy of Finland has granted 20.7 million euros to research projects in the field of culture and society. The funding was granted within the Academy’s funding opportunity Academy Projects. The Academy’s Research Council for Culture and Society received a total of 375 applications for Academy Project funding, and funding was granted to 34 projects. The call’s success rate was 11 per cent. The funding recipients include six research consortia, which consist of researchers working at different sites according to a joint research plan. The projects funded by the Research Council mainly include researchers with a doctoral degree.

Examples of funded Academy Projects:

Markku Jahnukainen (University of Helsinki) and Joel Kivirauma (University of Turku) received funding for their consortium project investigating the transitions and educational trajectories of immigrant youth. The researchers’ aim is to holistically describe the post-compulsory transitions, experiences and obstacles of young immigrants compared to those of their native counterparts. The follow-up will be performed using focus and thematic interviews and a biannual survey. The research consortium comprises researchers in sociology of education, educational science and special education at the University of Helsinki and the University of Turku.

Taina Syrjämaa (University of Turku) is studying animal agency in society. In economic, ecological and ethical terms, the human-animal relationship is one of the most crucial questions in the contemporary world. Yet, animals have been largely excluded from societal research. Syrjämaa’s project highlights the reciprocity of human-animal relations and the capacity of animals to act and shape human societies. The project focuses empirically on Finnish case studies located in a wide transnational context. It examines changing human-animal relations by focusing on tame, semi-domesticated and wild animals (e.g. cats, dogs, reindeer, whooper swans, Saimaa ringed seals and wolves). The long timespan covers the development of industrial and post-industrial society. The project team consists of specialists in history, ethnology and futures studies. The project will be carried out in cooperation with an international advisory board consisting of experts of animal ecology, anthropology, environmental history, the history of ideas and futures studies.

Simo Vehmas (University of Helsinki) conducts research into the lives and experiences of people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD) in terms of wellbeing and a good life. Vehmas’ project involves developing a method of data collection in disability ethnography and describing the lives of people with PIMD in various settings. The project will also examine the views of family members and caring staff concerning the wellbeing and a good life for people with PIMD as well as contribute to the discussion on the moral and political status of people with PIMD.

More information:

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