Research Council for Culture and Society funds new Academy Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers

25 Apr 2014

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Culture and Society has granted funding to 19 new Academy Research Fellows and 30 new Postdoctoral Researchers. The total funding granted for these research posts was EUR 15.6 million.

The aim of Academy Research Fellow funding is to provide an opportunity for the most talented and advanced researchers to develop their skills of academic leadership and to establish themselves as independent researchers. The funding covers the researcher’s salary for a maximum of five years.

The aim of the three-year funding for research posts as Postdoctoral Researcher is to advance the professional competence of the most promising researchers who have recently earned their doctorate.

Examples of new Academy Research Fellows:

Antu Sorainen (University of Helsinki) is researching wills and inheritance in sexually marginalised groups. The Western inheritance system and legislation are based on a cultural model of marriage and generational succession that does not fit the lives of most people belonging to a sexual minority. A will is a way for such people to support their loved ones irrespective of the judicial model of kinship. Sorainen will study will-making among gay people in Finland, the shortcomings of existing legislation, as well as the significance of the inheritance system for this group of people that has been economically invisible to state and society. The research project has importance as a means to promote social justice and equality in Finland.

Minna Torppa (University of Jyväskylä) is focusing on the mechanisms of reading development from birth to adulthood. Torppa’s research project will examine the risk and supportive mechanisms in the development of decoding and reading comprehension. The project also covers risk and protective factors related to adjustment and motivation as well as examination of genetic and environmental factors. The research includes, for example, an examination of the effects of school-age reading difficulties and the risk and protective factors on adult outcomes such as educational career and wellbeing.

Examples of new Postdoctoral Researchers:

Inka Kaakinen (University of Tampere) is researching the social rights of paperless migrants living in the EU, a hot research topic of late. Kaakinen wants to map their undocumented lives: how they get by in cities and spaces without due documents that would entitle them to those rights. She will focus on the embodied, material mobilities and moorings of paperless migrants, the mobilisation of transnational networks and the politics and spatial practices in diaspora. Kaakinen aims to trace some of the creative interfaces between work on urban public space, mobilities, transnational migrations and the intricate idea of development.

Satu Anneli Ranta-Tyrkkö (University of Tampere) is exploring the ecological, social and economic consequences of mining industry for local minority and low-income groups in two regions of mineral extraction, Northern Finland and Northern Odisha, India, and the implications of these consequences to social work. The project reflects the know-how, commitments and ethical responsibilities of social work in situations in which stakeholders view and experience the environmental, social and economic impacts of the extractive industry differently, and elaborates these against different spatial and temporal perspectives.

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