NordForsk readies funding to improve health in the Nordic countries

25 August 2014

NordForsk has opened a funding call for research into the distribution of health and welfare. The call is implemented under the Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare, which has an overall goal of improving health in the Nordic countries by finding solutions to societal and public health challenges through high-quality research. The call on the distribution of health and welfare aims to increase our understanding of how demographic, social, environmental and biological factors affect the distribution of health and wellbeing as well as welfare systems at large.

The call budget has been set at a maximum of 3.67 million euros (NOK 30 million) per project. Funding will be granted for five years. To be eligible for funding, research projects must include researchers from at least three Nordic countries. The call closes on 16 October 2014. The funding decisions will be made by the end of the year and the funding periods will start in early 2015.

The Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare is funded by NordForsk and the Nordic Council of Ministers together with funding agencies from all five Nordic countries. The Academy of Finland’s contribution amounts to more than three million euros. The programme’s calls are funded through a common pot provided by the programme’s funding partners.

The present call encompasses prevention and intervention studies with regard to the functioning of the Nordic welfare systems and themes such as ageing, education, ethnicity, gender, lifestyle (in particular physical activity), and working life and retirement conditions. Projects must investigate research questions of relevance to public health in a Nordic perspective and their results should aim to produce basic knowledge about the mechanisms underlying the distribution of health and the role of welfare systems in improving health and wellbeing. To achieve this objective, projects should employ a multidisciplinary and comparative approach.

“Finland hosts a great deal of top-level research expertise in the themes addressed in this NordForsk call. In addition, Finnish researchers have extensive collaborative networks. I hope that Finnish researchers will actively participate in the call both as coordinators and as partners. The call offers an excellent opportunity to benefit from joint Nordic funding, strengthen cooperation at the Nordic level and utilise Finland’s excellent data resources,” says Jarmo Wahlfors, member of the programme committee and director of the Health Research Unit at the Academy of Finland.

NordForsk has already started planning the next call within the programme. Set to open in 2015, the call is targeted at pilot studies that utilise Nordic research registers.

More information:

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