Joint funding with Hungary in linguistics

4 June 2013

The Academy of Finland and the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (Országos Tudományos Kutatási Alapprogramok, OTKA) have decided to fund three Finnish-Hungarian joint projects under the theme “The changing linguistic scenery in Finno-Ugric speech communities and its impact on society and culture”. This targeted funding is the first funding cooperation effort between the Academy and OTKA. The funding was granted to scientifically high-standard projects with the aim of promoting Finnish-Hungarian research collaboration.

Riho Grünthal (University of Helsinki) and Márta Csepregi (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest) are researching multilingual practices in Finno-Ugric communities. A particular focus of the joint project will be on Finno-Ugric minority language communities that apply multilingualism in their daily practices and simultaneously increase the tendency towards a language shift. The project will be investigating, for instance, how the different public statuses of language and the attitudes of individual speakers influence everyday communication.

Kristiina Jokinen (University of Helsinki) and Tamás Váradi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest) are investigating language use in social media and its impact on the linguistic scenery of small language communities. The project will create freely accessible online lexical resources and support for community-based generation of translated material on the web, based on existing language resources for the Komi, Udmurt, Mari and Sami languages, and on the technology of proto-dictionary generation on comparable corpora. The project will investigate and analyse language use in social media by collecting data from dialogue-related genres, such as online discussions and blog comments.

Roman Yangarber (University of Helsinki) and Anna Fenyvesi (University of Szeged) are working to investigate computational tools for the revitalisation of endangered Finno-Ugric minority languages. The aim of their project is to provide web-based support tools for speakers of endangered Finno-Ugric minority languages. The tools will facilitate language learning by a combination of state-of-the-art automated tutoring techniques and help the user author content through, for example, spelling and grammar checkers approaching the support that users of the world’s majority languages enjoy.

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