EUR 21.3 million to Academy Projects in culture and society research

11 June 2013

The Academy of Finland has granted some EUR 21.3 million in funding to Academy Projects in the fields of culture and society research. Within the September 2012 call, the Research Council for Culture and Society received a total of 311 applications. The Research Council decided to fund 43 Academy Projects, and the success rate was about 14 per cent. The funded Academy Projects primarily involve researchers with a doctorate. Among the projects, three projects are consortia composed of three subprojects carrying out research at different organisations.

Examples of funded Academy Projects:

In her project Wartime Visions of the Future. Public Discourses and Private Conceptions in Finland, 1941‒1944, Tiina Kinnunen (University of Jyväskylä) is investigating how the future was envisioned during the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union. A key question is how wartime sacrifices were given meaning in relation to the future. Special attention will be paid to the uses of history in the processes of making a future. The project will examine a hitherto unstudied aspect of Finnish wartime history and thus engage in the rewriting of the history of Finland during the second world war. On a more general level, it will develop methodology with a view to analysing constructions of the future and the meaning of these in different periods of crisis. The project will also conduct innovative research on the uses of history.

Antti Revonsuo (University of Turku) is investigating the cognitive and neural mechanisms that might explain where and how phenomenal visual consciousness, or visual phenomenology, emerges in the human brain. Several theories have been put forward to explain how visual consciousness arises. The project will test these theories by measuring the electrical activity of the brain when visual information enters consciousness and by interfering with brain activity using magnetic stimulation. The aim is to test whether the stimulation of specific cortical areas affects conscious visual perception, indicating that the area is necessary for visual consciousness. The research will increase our knowledge of the location and the time course of the mechanisms of visual consciousness and help evaluate the plausibility of the different theories of consciousness. Overall, the project will advance scientific understanding of the relationship between consciousness and the brain. This is one of the key research areas of science and philosophy today.

Ingmar Björkman (Aalto University), Mats Ehrnrooth (Hanken School of Economics) and Vesa Suutari (University of Vaasa) are investigating the determinants of the organisational influence of human resources professionals. Human resources (HR) are a key source of competitive advantage, and the way in which people are managed has significant impacts on both firms and their environments. However, a lack of clarity often exists about the ownership of HR issues, and HR professionals typically find themselves having to influence strategy and promote people issues without formal authority. The project will study these issues through a micro-foundational focus on HR actors, an agency perspective on HR-as-practice and an examination of outcomes from a stakeholder perspective. The research is carried out by leading Finnish HR scholars in collaboration with twelve Finnish and Nordic companies and international partners.

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