Academy research funding EUR 327 million in 2012

26 Mar 2013

In 2012, the total value of the Academy of Finland’s funding to scientific research came to EUR 327.4 million. The Academy distributed the funding between 61 fields of research at Finnish universities and research institutes.

Of the funding, a total of EUR 104.4 million went to natural sciences and engineering research, followed by culture and society research with EUR 79 million, biosciences and environment research with EUR 64.7 million, and health research with EUR 55.5 million.

The applications funded by the Academy were of a very high standard. The Academy’s funding decisions are based on peer reviews of applications and on science policy deliberation by the Academy’s research councils. Foreign experts accounted for more than 90 per cent of the peer reviewers used by the Academy.

For instance, the success rate of all applications received for Academy Project funding was 17 per cent, and of the total amount of all applications only 16 per cent could be granted. These figures highlight the disparity between demand and supply in Finland, which has been widening especially in the case of Academy Projects. The Academy Project funding scheme is designed to promote the quality and diversity of research and its capacity for renewal. Academy Projects and other funding by the research councils accounted for EUR 119.3 million of the Academy’s funding in 2012.

The Academy’s research programmes received EUR 41.3 million and research infrastructures EUR 10.4 million. The Academy also paid EUR 19.4 million in membership fees to international research infrastructures (incl. CERN and ESO). The Academy’s international cooperation agreements accounted for EUR 5.2 million of the total funding. Academy Research Fellows received EUR 26.6 million and Academy Professors EUR 6.6 million in salary funding. The Academy Research Fellows and Academy Professors also received funding for their research costs, totalling EUR 33.2 million. Funding for Postdoctoral Researchers amounted to EUR 40.8 million.

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