Academy of Finland on the international evaluation of its activities:

Academy of Finland poised for more powerful role in science policy

 3 September 2013

An international evaluation report published today by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture paints a very positive picture of the activities of the Academy of Finland. In the report, the results and quality of the Academy’s operations receive top marks. The reviewers note that the Academy is internationally an outstandingly cost-effective organisation. On the whole, researchers seem to be satisfied with the Academy’s application, evaluation and decision-making processes.

The report also proposes a more extensive role for the Academy in terms of science policy. Professor Heikki Mannila, President of the Academy of Finland, welcomes this proposal: “The recommendation is a clear sign of the high regard in which the Academy’s reliability and expertise in science policy are held.”

“The key recommendations set forth in the report affect the entire science and innovation system, which is why they need to be addressed on several forums,” Mannila adds. “The discussion on the recommendations presented in the evaluation report will be launched shortly, both internally within the Academy and among key stakeholders.”

Professor Arto Mustajoki, Chair of the Board of the Academy of Finland, feels Finland’s science policy needs bold and determined solutions. Only then, he says, will Finland be able to maintain the international competitiveness of Finnish research and increase its impact.

The report further proposes that the Academy of Finland draft an internationalisation strategy in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Tekes and other key players. “The key here is cooperation. The reviewers strongly recommend that the drafting of a national strategy concerning the internationalisation of Finnish science and research be a joint undertaking,” Mannila underlines.

More information: President Heikki Mannila, tel. +358 29 533 5001, and Professor Arto Mustajoki, Chair of the Board of the Academy of Finland, tel. +358 9 191 22986.

The Ministry’s press release and the evaluation report Evaluation of the Academy of Finland (OKM 2013:14) are available on the Ministry’s website at

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