Funding available for research in thematic areas of Strategic Centres

8 Feb 2012

The Academy of Finland will open a call for research funding within the thematic areas of the Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (known in Finnish under the abbreviation of SHOK). The call involves two themes: Novel control methods and user interfaces and New chemicals, materials and production technologies in a bioeconomy based on innovative forest biomass use. The two themes will be approached from a broad perspective and, consequently, the themes have not been confined to the thematic areas of individual strategic centres or to a particular Research Council at the Academy.

Through this funding, the Academy wants to reinforce scientific research carried out within the strategic centres and support collaboration between strategic centres, universities and research institutes. The call will open in connection with the Academy’s April 2012 call.

The strategic objective of the Academy is to ensure that innovation development involves a sufficient amount of cutting-edge basic research. The aim is to increase the number of high-level researchers involved in the work of the strategic centres and thus contribute to ensuring the necessary scientific expertise. The researchers who will be granted funding are expected to apply the full spectrum of science in the fields of the strategic centres and further promote and strengthen smooth and multidisciplinary collaboration between the different phases of innovation and research.

The strategic centres provide leading-edge research units and business companies that apply the research results with a new way of establishing active and long-term collaboration. The centres implement research strategies that have been jointly drawn up by business companies, universities and research institutes.

Technically, the call is (with a few exceptions) a targeted Academy call. The applicant (i.e. the principal investigator of a project) must have the qualifications of a professor or an adjunct professor (docent).

Special conditions

Applicants shall contact the relevant strategic centre/s when preparing their research plans to ensure the significance of the proposed project from a research point of view. In addition, applicants shall agree on the research plan, resources, duties and responsibilities with the strategic centre/s and with the university or research institute with which the project is linked, as well as with other potential funding bodies.

Applicants shall append to their application an account jointly signed by the applicant and the relevant strategic centre/s, describing the significance of the proposed research and the added value it is expected to generate to the centre/s. The account shall be requested by the end of March. When drafting other appendices, applicants shall follow the guidelines for targeted Academy Projects to be announced in the April call for applications. Only applications that are clearly significant to the strategic centre/s will be reviewed.


The deadline is in late April 2012. Applicants are requested to check the exact deadline and other details in the April call for applications (to be published in March 2012).

More information:

  • Research Council for Biosciences and Environment, Science Adviser Timo Sareneva, tel. +358 9 7748 8243,
  • Research Council for Culture and Society, Science Adviser Tiina Forsman, tel. +358 9 7748 8443,
  • Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering, Senior Science Adviser Ritva Taurio, tel. +358 9 7748 8384,

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