Evaluation: LIIKE2 produced good results and promoted researcher training


The Academy of Finland’s Research Programme on Business Know-how (LIIKE2) achieved good scientific results and promoted researcher training. The projects involved in the programme showed evidence of innovation in terms of their focus and interdisciplinary nature and the methods they employed were both qualitatively and quantitatively successful. These are some of the findings of a recent report by the Academy of Finland. The report presents the results of an international evaluation of the LIIKE2 research programme.

LIIKE2 explored different aspects of business know-how considered important to the Finnish economy.  A key question was: In what way do Finnish and Finnish-based companies improve national competitiveness through their own actions? LIIKE2 involved a total of 25 projects, which the Academy of Finland funded with EUR 3.5 million. Other funding agencies were the Finnish Work Environment Fund and the Russian Foundation for the Humanities. The programme coordination was based at Helsinki School of Economics. The LIIKE2 programme was carried out in 2006–2009.

According to the evaluation panel, the selection of projects was sound. The research of the funded projects provided a solid basis for raising understanding and knowledge of business know-how in companies. However, the projects had a tight budget. The projects and their results tended to emphasise the empirical rather than theoretical elements of business know-how.

Collaboration and networking was actively carried out at the programme and project level both internationally and nationally. One of the strengths of LIIKE2 was cooperation and coordination in researcher training, providing opportunities for researchers through mentoring, scientific publications and career development. Collaboration with end-users of research results took place at several levels.

LIIKE2 produced in all 71 degrees, 43 of which were doctoral degrees. This is a substantial achievement and represents a major contribution to Finland’s expertise base in the field. Information on the programme’s results was widely disseminated in a number of ways. In some respects, the programme’s actual impact on the academic and business community is difficult to assess, as much of the output from LIIKE2 has wider impacts across the Finnish economy and society at large.

The panel further notes that, measured by publication and degree qualifications, the academic impact of the LIIKE2 programme was a major success. However, in the future, it may be worth considering more carefully the effect of staff composition on research programmes and how the involvement of a larger number of postdoctoral and senior researchers would affect engagement with stakeholders. Funding for longer periods is also worth considering.

The English-language evaluation report is part of the Academy of Finland publication series and is available as a PDF download at > Publication series.

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