April call for applications out now: deadline 25 April 2012

7 Mar 2012

The Academy of Finland’s April 2012 call for applications is now available on our website (in English, Finnish and Swedish).

Applications can be submitted as of 2 April 2012. The deadline is Wednesday 25 April 2012 at 16.15. The call for applications also contains advance information on the September 2012 call, which tentatively will close 26 September 2012.

In April, applications are invited for the Finnish Programme for Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Research 2014–2019. No limit has been set for the number of terms as a CoE. Consequently, units with previous CoE funding are also eligible to apply. The objective of the Academy is, however, to promote the renewal of both the CoE programme and the CoEs. Applications are invited from all scientific disciplines.

Funding is also available for research in the thematic areas of Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (known in Finnish under the abbreviation SHOK).  The present call has two themes: Novel control methods and user interfaces; and New bioeconomy chemicals, materials and production technologies based on innovative forest biomass use.

Letters of intent are invited for the Research Programme on the Human Mind (MIELI-MIND). The aim of the programme is to promote multidisciplinary research on the human mind and increase our knowledge of how a health mind will develop and how to support and cure an unsound mind. Research on the human mind can also generate significant public benefit and increase people’s wellbeing and quality of life.

Within the Research Programme on the Health and Welfare of Children and Young People (SKIDI-KIDS), funding is available for research on marginalisation of children and young people.

Funding available in April 2012:


  • Centres of Excellence (2014–2019), letters of intent
  • Targeted Academy Projects
    • Research in the thematic areas of strategic centres
    • Antarctic research
    • Development research: climate change
  • Research programme calls
    • The Human Mind (MIELI-MIND), letters of intent
    • The Health and Welfare of Children and Young People (SKIDI-KIDS), marginalisation research


  • Funding to NSF Graduate Research Fellows for research in Finland
  • European Research Council’s (ERC) calls

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