Viksu winners 2010 announced:

Studies on cancer genes and classical geometry winners in 2010 science competition for senior secondary students

7th April, 2011

The winners of the Academy of Finland’s science competition for senior secondary students (known simply as Viksu) have been announced. The 1st prize in Viksu’s national category went to Sakke Suomalainen (Helsingin matematiikkalukio) for his excellent entry in the field of mathematics. The entry earned high praise for its high level of creativity: the reviewers noted it is on par with the work of professional mathematicians. Winner in the international category was Jaana Tuominen (Tikkurilan lukio), with an ambitious entry in biology. The reviewers said the entry is methodologically sound and accomplished and that the reasoning is laid out clearly by the author. Both winners will be awarded 4,000 euros.

The Viksu winners received their prizes from Ms Henna Virkkunen, Minister of Education and Science, and Professor Markku Mattila, President of the Academy of Finland at a prize ceremony on Thursday 7 April 2011 at 15.00. Awards were presented to a total of 15 students, six schools and two teachers. The total prize money is 30,000 euros.

Winners in the national category

1st prize: Sakke Suomalainen (18) from Helsingin matematiikkalukio upper secondary school. Sakke extended the two-dimensional Mohr-Mascheroni Theorem into the third dimension.

2nd prize: Joona Pohjonen (17) from Karstulan lukio upper secondary school. Joona developed a method by which a robot can be controlled using machine vision.

3rd prize: Petriina Piuhola (20) from Ressun lukio upper secondary school. Petriina looked at the attitudes towards politics among young people in Helsinki.

4th prize: Nyyti Kinnunen (18) and Henna Silvennoinen (17) from Valkeakosken Tietotien lukio/Päivölän matematiikkalinja. Nyyti and Henna studied animal recognition using laser scanning.

5th prize: Marlon Moilanen (18) from Ressun lukio upper secondary school. Marlon analysed the difficulties in talking about God.

6th prize: Henri Niva (18) from Helsingin matematiikkalukio upper secondary school. Henri looked into an optimal solution to the minesweeper computer game and the factors affecting the game’s degree of difficulty.

7th prize: Olavi Misin (17) from Turun Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu upper secondary school. Olavi studied the FNR-like protein and its association with photosynthesis.

Winners in the international category

1st prize: Jaana Tuominen (18) from Tikkurilan lukio upper secondary school. Jaana studied the significance of the tumour suppressor gene tp53.

2nd prize: Jarkko Etula (20) from Kuopion Lyseon lukio upper secondary school. Jarkko compared the effectiveness of three Finnish berries (strawberry, lingonberry and blackcurrant) as sensitizers in a dye-sensitized solar cell.

3rd prize: Krista Sirola (18) from Jyväskylän Lyseon lukio upper secondary school. Krista analysed the effects of Finlandisation on Finnish comprehensive school history textbooks in the 1970s.

4th prize: Fanni Yli-Äyhö (18) from Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu upper secondary school. Fanni did a comparison of commercial and self-made sunscreens.

5th prize: Anni Karjala (18) from Ressun lukio upper secondary school. Anni studied the drought tolerance of the broad bean (Vicia Faba).

6th prize: Krista Koskivirta (18) from Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu upper secondary school. Krista looked at the impact of Stoicism, Christianity and economic factors on the causation of the legal reforms concerning slavery in the Roman Empire.

7th prize: Sakari Mesimäki (19) from Etelä-Tapiolan lukio upper secondary school. Sakari did an investigation into how far Japanese historians have succeeded in providing a historically accurate interpretation the Nanking Massacre in the 1930s.

Winning schools and teachers

Prizes were also awarded to active and successful schools: Helsinki Rudolf Steiner School, Joensuun Lyseon lukio, Karstulan lukio, Kuopion Lyseon lukio, Oulun Lyseon lukio and Ressun lukio. The schools were awarded 1,000 euros each. Viksu also awards prizes to active teachers. This time, the two winners were Salla Luukkonen, who teaches history at Tampereen lyseon lukio, and Ville Tilvis, who teaches mathematics at Helsingin matematiikkalukio.

Viksu offers a glimpse into doing science

The Academy of Finland’s science competition Viksu was now arranged for the thirteenth time. Students can enter the competition by preparing a study in any subject taught at senior secondary schools. The competition provides students with an opportunity to try their wings in the field of scientific work. With the competition, the Academy wants to show young people the potential of the researcher’s job as a career option.

In the 2010 round of Viksu, the Academy received 145 competition entries from 39 senior secondary schools. This was a significant increase on the number of participating schools in the previous year. The number of boys participating in 2010 also increased. Viksu 2010 received entries from 73 boys and 87 girls. A total of 160 students participated in the competition, including those submitting entries in pairs or groups. The majority of entries were in the fields of literature, the Finnish language, history, physics, psychology and mathematics.

Winners’ photographs

Photographs of the winners, taken at the ceremony, are available from STT Info on Thursday 7 April from around 20.00. The Academy has also prepared a short video clip for the media.


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