Academy to review the state and quality of scientific research in Finland

(10th June 2011)

The Academy of Finland has launched its latest review of the current state and quality of scientific research in Finland. The purpose is to identify key areas of strength and potential areas for development in various disciplines and to prepare recommendations for strategic development in those disciplines. The review will be completed in December 2012. The Academy has conducted reviews of the state and quality of scientific research regularly at three-year intervals since 1997.

The review consists of three parts. In Part I, scientific experts invited by the Academy of Finland and Tekes will conduct an assessment of the impact of the Finnish science and research system. In Part II, the Academy will identify areas of strength and areas of development in different disciplines and prepare recommendations for strategic development within those disciplines.

Part III will provide a thematic overview of the state and quality of Finnish science and research within selected fields that address the grand challenges faced by society and humankind. The overview is informed by a foresight perspective. The aim is to identify major areas of strength and opportunities in Finnish scientific research as they tackle large-scale grand challenges.

The Academy of Finland has identified six grand challenges facing society and humankind that will be given priority focus in research policy over the next few years. These challenges are the Northern Climate and Environment; Sustainable Energy; Dialogue of Cultures; A Healthy Everyday Life for All; Knowledge and Know-how in the Media Society; and Ageing Population and Individuals.

One novel feature of the ongoing review compared to those conducted in previous years is that a portal will be set up with constantly updated information on progress in individual disciplines. This information will be available for use in national science policy decision-making as well as in strategic planning and strategy implementation by the Academy, universities and research institutes. In addition to this online data, the project will produce a summary report to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of scientific research in Finland

The review will make use of statistical and bibliometric sources as well as various qualitative datasets. In addition, recent and ongoing assessments conducted at universities and the Academy’s own discipline assessments will be used as complementary sources. Workshops with invited experts and stakeholders from the disciplines concerned will play a prominent part in the review process.

The review steering committee is chaired by President of the Academy of Finland, Professor Markku Mattila. Chair of the Academy Board, Professor Arto Mustajoki is committee vice chair. The steering committee members are as follows: Riitta Mustonen, Vice President (Research), Academy of Finland; the four chairs of the Academy’s Research Councils, Professors Aila Lauha, Erkki Oja, Paavo Pelkonen and Tuula Tamminen; Petteri Taalas, Director General, Finnish Meteorological Institute, representing research institutes; Lauri Lajunen, Rector, representing universities; and Erja Heikkinen, Counsellor of Education, representing the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Leena Treuthardt, Director of Strategy, Academy of Finland, is responsible for the review project.

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