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Hakaniemenranta 6
PO Box 131
FI-00531 Helsinki
Phone: +358 295 335 000
Registrar’s Office: +358 295 335 049
Fax +358 295 335 299

Office hours: weekdays 8.00–16.15

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This invoicing information is not applicable to payment requests for Academy research funding. For more information on the payment of research funding, visit Payment of funding on our website.

The Academy of Finland requests invoices as e-invoices. We also accept electronic appendices to invoices. Please convert appendices into PDF format. Invoices sent by email will not be accepted, as they are not e-invoices.

If you do not have accounting software with an e-invoice function, you can use the online e-invoicing service provided by the government. Log in to the Basware Supplier Portal here.

Instructions on how to use the portal: or +358 295 563 700.

  • Academy of Finland e-invoicing address/EDI code: 003702458939
  • OpusCapita Solutions Ltd operator ID: E204503
  • Academy of Finland business ID: 0245893-9
  • VAT code: FI02458939

NB! The EDI code above must not be used in payment requests for Academy of Finland research funding.

Unless otherwise agreed, the due date of invoices for procurement of supplies and services shall be 21 days as per the General Terms of Public Procurement issued by the Finnish Ministry of Finance.

Each invoice must clearly indicate the division or person at the Academy of Finland in charge of the order, so that the invoice can be addressed to the correct division.

Foreign organisations can exceptionally send paper invoices to the following address:

  • Academy of Finland
    Reference (division or contact information)
    POB 5553
    01051 INVOICES

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FAX +358 295 335 299
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