Academy of Finland in brief

What we do

  • We grant competition-based funding for scientific research, researcher training and the development of framework conditions for research.
  • We provide science policy expertise.
  • We promote scientific research and its application.
  • We develop international scientific cooperation.
  • We perform any other science policy expert roles assigned to us.



How we do it

  • We receive funding applications from researchers (some 4,000 applications each year).
  • We assemble panels of international experts to review the applications.
  • Members of our research councils, the Strategic Research Council, the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee or the Academy Board make the funding decisions based on the panels' reviews.
  • The success rates in our key funding opportunities are around 10–20 per cent.
  • We grant funding for 3–6 years, in most cases for four or five years.


Our funding criteria

  • Quality
  • Impact
  • Renewal
  • Multidisciplinary, phenomenon-based and internationally oriented research

Advantages of peer review and open competition

  • International peer review indicates the quality of the research in comparison to the international level.
  • Peer review and open competition allow us to support the best researchers and research teams.
  • Peer review and open competition help us to identify new initiatives.

We also promote

  • Development of research environments, such as research infrastructuresIncreased independence of early-career researchers
  • Evidence-based policy and decision-making in various sectors of society
  • The societal impact of research

Academy in Brief (2017, pdf)

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