Academy of Finland in brief

The Academy of Finland promotes excellent, responsible and high-impact research with a view to ensuring that society can make the best possible use of the results of that research. We produce high-quality data and analyses and support the use of scientific knowledge in policy-making. We work in close consultation with other stakeholders in the Finnish research, education and innovation system.

What we do:

  • We grant funding in open competition for scientific research and researcher training and to improve framework conditions for research.
  • We provide expertise to Finnish and international collaborative networks.
  • We collect and analyse data on science and scientific research.
  • We perform other science policy expert roles assigned to us.

We want to contribute to advancing the renewal, diversification and internationalisation of Finnish science and research. Our funding supports the development of research environments, the increased independence of early-career researchers and the application of research knowledge across all sectors of society.

High-level international peer review is our key tool for identifying the best and most promising research projects.

How we do it

  • We receive funding applications from researchers (some 4,000 applications each year).
  • We assemble panels of international experts to review the applications.
  • Members of our research councils, the Strategic Research Council, the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee or the Academy Board make the funding decisions based on the panels' reviews.
  • The success rates in our key funding opportunities are around 10–20 per cent.
  • We grant funding for 3–6 years, in most cases for four or five years.

Our funding criteria

  • Quality
  • Impact
  • Renewal
  • Multidisciplinary, phenomenon-based and internationally oriented research

Advantages of peer review and open competition

  • International peer review indicates the quality of the research in comparison to the international level.
  • Peer review and open competition allow us to support the best researchers and research teams.
  • Peer review and open competition help us to identify new initiatives.

We also promote

  • Development of research environments, such as research infrastructuresIncreased independence of early-career researchers
  • Evidence-based policy and decision-making in various sectors of society
  • The societal impact of research

Academy in Brief (2017, pdf)

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