Life as Learning, LEARN (2002-2006)

logoLife as Learning (LEARN) was a multi-scientific national research programme on learning. The themes studied in the programme included developing teaching and learning in the school system, new challenges of learning in the working life, new forms of learning, and new teachership and teacher education.



  • Encouraging the development of a new research culture and new research partnerships and the creation of interdisciplinary and international research projects around the problems of learning;
  • Finding a way of managing the challenges of lifelong and lifewide learning in order to avoid a new kind of exclusion:
  • Creating a solid quality interdisciplinary research base for developing teaching and learning in different educational and working-life contexts; and
  • Anticipating future learning needs from the point of view of society, culture and the individual

The Academy of Finland allocated EUR 5,1 million to the programme. Other funders consisted of Finnish National Board of Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, Tekes and The Finnish Work Environment Fund.



This research project was coordinated by Scientific Director  Hannele Niemi, University of Helsinki.

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