NSF Graduate Research Fellows – research opportunities in Finland

The Academy of Finland and Business Finland (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) invite NSF Graduate Research Fellows (GRF) to team up with Finnish research groups. Long-term investments in research and development have made Finland one of the most innovative and research-intensive countries in the world.

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Research groups

The Academy of Finland offers GRFs contacts with Academy-funded Centres of Excellence, Consortiums funded by the Strategic Research Council, Academy Projects, Academy Professors or Academy Research Fellows.

Also other top research groups in Finland have expressed their interest in the possibility of hosting GRFs. Further information on these groups can be found on Business Finland's website.

Interested GRF candidates are encouraged to contact potential Finnish groups directly to start discussing the details of their possible research visits. Research visits of 3–12 months in length will be supported.

How to proceed?

After contacting a Finnish host and preliminarily agreeing with the contact person on the details of the visit to Finland, the GRF should obtain a letter of invitation, including a tentative plan for the stay in Finland, and a CV of the responsible professor/researcher at the host institution.

Instructions, the overall procedure and the schedule for submitting proposals for research stays in Finland can be found on the NSF website. Typically, the NSF's GROW call is launced in Fall (September or October) and the deadline for applications is in December.


The Finnish host covers the GRFs’ living costs as well as costs related to the research to be conducted in Finland. To support the visits, the Academy of Finland launches a supplementary grant that can be applied for by Finnish Centres of Excellence, Consortiums funded by the Strategic Research Council, Academy Projects, Academy Professors and Academy Research Fellows to cover the GRFs’ living costs and accommodation in Finland. Typically, the call is open in April and the decisions are made by June.

As for possible IPR questions arising from the planned visit, the parties should follow the guidelines defined in the Agreement Relating to Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Finland.

Academy's collaboration opportunities for GRFs

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