Neighbouring and Neighbour Disputes – Mapping Ongoing


Research in Finland

Workshop at the University of Turku 25. – 26.10.2012

Relations to neighbours are a part of nearly everyone’s social world, and nearly everyone has stories to tell about neighbours. Relations to neighbours may not be particularly important in our life, but in specific situations they can become very crucial for our well-being. Neighbours may provide invaluable help in when need arises, but they also may cause long-term disturbance that greatly reduces our residential satisfaction.

Though commonplace and potentially important, neighbour relations have not been extensively studied in Finland. However, in recent times two Finnish research projects have investigated neighbour relations. The project Neighbouring and Neighbour Disputes in Contemporary Society is led by Professor Hannu Ruonavaara at the University of Turku and financed by Academy of Finland. Another project, Neighbour Disputes and Housing in Finland, is led by Professor Tapio Määttä at the University of Eastern Finland and financed from the Academy of Finland Future of Living (ASU-Live) research program. The two projects invite everyone interested in research on neighbour relations to a two-day workshop. Workshop is being held at University of Turku at Publicum 25.-26.10.2012.


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