Beyond MALPE coordination: integrative envisioning

In Finnish urban regions, integrated land use, housing, transport, services and economic development (MALPE) has become a new practice to encompass key planning sectors, in cooperation between the state and municipalities. Progressing upon this framework, the project aims at: 1) comprehending Finnish urbanization processes and agglomeration dynamics in an international comparative context, and their implications to sustainability, functionality and economic livelihood; 2) gaining analytical insight of ambiguities in political agency formation, knowledge management and policy-making in the current MALPE work; and 3) providing normative solutions for coping with these processes and ambiguities. With insights gained from the above, the project aims at 4) incorporating qualitatively new knowledge in the co-coordination of policy sectors and scales, and 5) generating, in a co-creative fashion, policy and planning recommendations for the Finnish city regions involved in the MALPE work.

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Consortium PI
Professor Raine Mäntysalo
Aalto University 

Last modified 5 Sep 2016
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