Digital Disruption of Industry (DDI consortium)

Digital Disruption of Industry studies the impacts of digitalization to the Finnish society through the lens of the industry. Its multidisciplinary consortium is excellently qualified for this task. We will provide a comprehensive analysis of the roadmaps and impacts of the digitalization to industry itself, its ecosystem partners and stakeholders, and the relevant institutions such as business practices and models, regulation, management, and governance. We will also study the changes which are needed in human activities, institutions, and operations to benefit from the digital disruption. For this, we work closely with the relevant stakeholders in concrete interventions. We will also engage in close interaction with stakeholders, policy makers, thought leaders, and general public to synthesise policies and interventions that maintain resilience and sustainability to exploit the disruption maximally and ensure stakeholders' access to skills and competences required.

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Consortium PI
Professor Martti Mäntylä
Aalto University 

Last modified 15 Aug 2016
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