Sustainable, climate-neutral and resource-efficient forest-based bioeconomy (FORBIO consortium)

This research consortium will contribute to the renewal of the scientific knowledge base and provides for decision making smart means, solutions and tools needed to sustainably improve resource-efficiency and climate-neutrality of management and utilization of Finnish forests and to adapt to the changing operational environment (e.g. changing climate and demands of forest-based bioeconomy and society). Our research will cover: (i) tailored forest management and biomass production, (ii) resource smart feedstock supply for the bio-based symbioses, (iii) new value chains for forest biomass-based green chemicals, (iv) sustainability and acceptability of climate-neutral and resource-efficient forest-based bioeconomy, and (v) development opportunities of Finnish forest bioeconomy as a part of global change and European Union. The project will collaborate with many key interaction partners to ensure the societal significance, relevance and impacts of research.

Last modified 15 Aug 2016
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