Broader impact of research in society

Over the last few years, the debate about the impact of research, about how to assess or monitor impact, and – ultimately – about the meaning of impact has intensified. A special theme in the State of Scientific Research in Finland 2016 review was to explore the broader impact or research in society by combining qualitative and quantitative methods. The review analysed the different types of impact arising from research and research-based knowledge as well as the pathways through which impact is realised.

Research affects a wide range of activities and developments in society. The spheres, time spans and types of those effects can vary extensively. Different research fields have different impact profiles, and the objectives and contributions of research may also vary within a research field.

The report State of Scientific Research in Finland 2016 (available in Finnish only) outlines the broader impact of research from two perspectives: the roles of science in society and the routes to impact beyond academia. One important route to impact is proficient people. In the report, this is analysed in terms of the placement of doctoral degree holders in society.

State of scientific research in Finland 2016 - Special theme: Broader impact of research in society (PDF)

To examine the role of doctoral degree holders in society the Academy of Finland conducted a survey for doctoral degree holders in four different research fields. The target group of the survey consisted of Finnish residents who had been awarded a doctoral degree from a Finnish university between 2005 and 2014. The key results of the survey are presented in the following report.

The Role of doctoral degree holders in Society (PDF)

Last modified 5 Dec 2017
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