Funding partners

The Academy of Finland has signed agreements on bilateral cooperation with three research funding agencies in China. The cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) covers all scientific disciplines, except for those that fall within the domain of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). The Academy’s collaboration with the CASS covers the humanities, culture, law, social sciences, economics and the social sciences.

Mobility funding

Based on the above agreements, the Academy of Finland provides funding to Finnish researchers for research in China and vice versa. The Academy also supports Finnish-Chinese researcher seminars.

The funding is open for application in connection with the Academy’s September call.

Joint calls

For up-to-date information on current and upcoming calls for joint projects, please see the relevant call text.

The Academy of Finland has organised joint calls with its Chinese funding partners since 2001. Some of the calls have included partners from Germany (DFG) or Canada (CHIR):

  • 2014  5G Networks (NSFC)
  • 2013  The Human Mind: Brain Plasticity and Learning (NSFC)
  • 2012  Comparative Law (CASS)
  • 2012  Forestry (NSFC)
  • 2011  Immunology (NSFC, DFG)
  • 2011  Climate Change (CASS, CAS)
  • 2010  Inverse Problems (NSFC, DFG)
  • 2009  Signal Processing and Computational Sciences (NSFC)
  • 2008  Ubiquitous Computing and Diversity of Communication (NSFC)
  • 2007  Environmental Ecology and Environment Related Energy Research (NSFC)
  • 2007  Cross-Cultural Communication (CASS)
  • 2005  NEURO Research Programme (NSFC, CIHR)
  • 2001  Finnish Centres of Excellence and Chinese High-Level Research Groups (NSFC)

For a list of funded projects, please use our search tool.

Other bilateral cooperation

Previously, the Academy of Finland also organised a joint energy seminar in Beijing with the NSFC. In collaboration with the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS), the Academy organised a joint seminar in the field of natural sciences. With the CASS, the Academy organised a joint seminar in the field of comparative law.

Collaboration between the EU and China

The Academy of Finland participated in the ERA-NET CO-REACH network in 2005–2010 and in the joint calls organised within that network.


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