Funding partners

The Academy of Finland has signed agreements on funding cooperation with three Russian research funding agencies: the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and the Russian Foundation for the Humanities (RFH).

The Academy-RAS cooperation is intended to support Finnish-Russian researcher mobility in all scientific disciplines. The cooperation with the RFBR and the RFH covers calls for joint projects and joint seminars. The themes of the joint calls are decided separately for each call.

Funding for researcher mobility

Based on the above agreements, the Academy provides funding to Finnish researchers for research in Russia and vice versa.

The funding is open for application in connection with the Academy’s September call. 

Calls for joint projects

For up-to-date information on current and upcoming calls for joint projects, please see the relevant call text.

The Academy has organised joint calls with its Russian funding partners since 2003, both as separate calls and in connection with research programmes:

  • Earth Sciences, 2013, RFBR
  • Programmable Materials Research Programme, 2011, RFBR
  • Climate Change Research Programme, 2011, RFBR
  • Programmable Materials Research Programme, 2011, RFBR
  • Finnish and Russian common history, 2009, RFH
  • Photonics and Modern Imagining Techniques Research Programme, 2009, 1RFBR
  • Ubiquitous Computing and Diversity of Communication Research Programme, 2008, RFH
  • Finnish and Russian languages in a multicultural world, 2008, RFH
  • Materials technology and biosciences, 2007, RFBR
  • Business Know How 2 Research Programme, 2006, RFH
  • Optical material research, 2006, RFBR
  • Substance Use and Addictions Research Programme, 2006, RFBR ja RFH
  • Russia in Flux Research Programme, 2005,RF
  • Baltic Sea Research Programme, 2004, RFBR.

For a list of funded projects, please use our search tool.

Other bilateral collaboration

In November 2009, the Academy of Finland joined forces with the RFH to organise the Mind, Learning and Brain workshop in Moscow. The workshop was a collaboration with the Development Centre for the Russian Language.

Cooperation between the EU and Russia

The Academy of Finland was also a member of ERA.Net RUS, a four-year project launched in February 2009 and funded under the EU Seventh Framework Programme. The aim of the project was to intensify and strengthen S&T cooperation between EU Member States and Associate Members and Russia by the coordination of national and regional S&T programmes towards and with Russia.

The Academy, the RFBR, the RFH and the RAS participated in the ERA.Net RUS pilot call that was opened in March 2011. The Academy’s participation was focused on the call theme Intelligent Materials and Nanomaterials. A total of 42 Finnish research teams applied for funding within the call. Funding was granted to 31 projects, six of which included a Finnish party.

The Academy also participates in the ERA-NET RUS Plus project, which opened a call for joint projects in 2014. The Academy participated in the following three themes of the call: Environmental Impact and Risk of Raw Materials Extraction and Transportation; Extreme Climate Events and their Impact on the Environment; and Understanding Conflict, Identity and Memory: Past and Present. The funding decisions on the call were made in July 2015.


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