Horizon 2020 – EU Framework Programme for Research

Horizon 2020
 is the European Union’s funding programme for research and innovation. The programme is designed to create new growth and jobs across Europe by strengthening scientific knowledge and knowhow within the EU, by supporting the development and introduction of new technologies and innovations and by tackling grand societal challenges facing Europe. The Horizon 2020 budget amounts to some EUR 80 billion covering the years 2014–2020.

Horizon 2020 provides a great number of opportunities for a wide range of actors. Participants in the programme can include universities, research institutes, business companies, individual researchers, or any other organisations that carry out or apply research, such as federations or cities. Within Horizon 2020, funding is mainly granted to research and innovation projects carried out as international collaborations, but research proposals by individual researchers are also funded. Project proposals submitted to the European Commission by the set deadline are reviewed by experts representing a wide range of fields and invited by the Commission. Only the best proposals will be funded.

The Academy of Finland is Finland’s national Horizon 2020 contact organisation together with Business Finland. In Finland, framework programme information is compiled on the EUTI website (EU Research and Innovation Programmes). The pages are updated by experts responsible for the programme sections at the Academy and Business Finland, in cooperation with EUTI.

Last modified 24 Aug 2018
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