The European Science Foundation (ESF)
was established in 1974 with a view to promoting European science and basic research. The ESF was an association of 78 member organisations from 30 countries. It was an independent organisation that financed its activities, for instance, through the contributions of its member organisations.

The Academy of Finland was actively involved in all ESF activities and Finnish researchers actively participated in European research programmes launched by the organisation.

In 2012, after a number of member organisations had decided to withdraw from ESF activities, the association was forced to realign its activities. Measures to wind down the ESF were started in 2012 and the organisaation’s activities reached completion at year end 2015.

A new ESF organisation was established in early 2016. The new ESF is a services-based organisation that will continue to contribute to the European Research Area (ERA). The new ESF hosts five expert boards and committees that provide in-depth and focused scientific expertise in selected disciplines. The new ESF does not fund research activities. The Academy of Finland is not a member of the new ESF organisation.


Leila Häkkinen
Senior Science Adviser
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Last modified 8 Aug 2017
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